Cult Classic Comedy SUCKERS Is SHIPPING SOON From Synapse Films

Cult Classic Comedy SUCKERS is SHIPPING SOON from Synapse Films!

Coming on Tuesday, August 25th! Order your copy from Amazon, DiabolikDVD or direct from us! Available on either Blu-ray or DVD!

Daniel Benzali stars as Reggie, a pit bull of a car salesman who trains his crew to bilk customers out of as much cash as possible. Bobby DeLuca (Louis Mandylor) gets pressure from his wife (Lori Loughlin) to find a job at the dealership. Owing money to loan sharks and desperate for cash, Bobby reluctantly becomes an expert at screwing over his customers. Things go astray in Reggie’s tightly-run venture when loan sharks call in Bobby’s substantial debts. An award-winning indie cult hit directed by Roger Nygard (TREKKIES), SUCKERS is “a great movie that’ll make you think twice before buying that next car.” (The Dallas Morning News) “[It] has the macho punch of a David Mamet drama.” (The Minneapolis Star Tribune)

• All-new 4K remaster supervised and approved by writer/director Roger Nygard
• Brand-new 5.1 surround sound remix
• Audio commentary with writer/director Roger Nygard, writer/actor Joe Yannetty, cinematographer Nathan Hope, actor/composer Jimmie Wood and composer JJ Holiday
• Deleted scenes, raw takes and original trailer

The Blu-ray of SUCKERS includes a Bonus Double Feature Presentation of SIX DAYS IN ROSWELL in an all-new 4K restoration, with its own set of Special Features!
• All-new 4K remaster supervised and approved by producer/editor Roger Nygard
• All-new English 5.1 surround sound remix
• Audio commentary with producer/editor Roger Nygard, director Timothy B. Johnson, and star Rich Kronfeld
• Original trailer