Organ [DVD]


Release Date: September 26, 2000
UPC: 654930300695

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… the audience is subjected to an endless allay of hideous and grotesque imagery, perhaps the most perverse scenes ever captured on film.” ~The Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia


“ORGAN is not a film to see on a full stomach. Its fetid atmosphere of abnormality will have you screaming to be let out. And yet, you keep watching, fascinated…” ~Pete Tombs, British Film Critic


“I wanted to describe the agony of a wounded soul of someone decaying from the inside.” ~ Kei Fujiwara, Director of ORGAN


Two horrific and blood-drenched stories intertwine in this graphically violent feature film from Kei Fujiwara (star of TETSUO).

A Tokyo police officer falls victim to a Yakuza body-parts selling syndicate. Numata, the officer’s brother, investigates and discovers the evil Yoko, leader of the syndicate. The alternate plotline involves Seaki, Yoko’s Biology teacher brother, as he conducts experiments on the re-animated, limbless body of the missing police officer… keeping him alive with the blood taken from high school virgin girls.

This film caused a huge controversy in Japan when it was released theatrically, forcing the director to release it in a cut from even in the Japanese cinemas. Synapse Films is proud to present ORGAN in its original uncut version.

Special Features
  • Uncensored Transfer Presented in the Theatrical Aspect Ratio of 1.33:1
  • Original Japanese Language Version
  • Optional Removable English Subtitles
  • An Exclusive Look at the Sequel, ORGAN 2