Let Me Die A Woman [Transgendered Edition] [DVD]


REGION: 0 (All Region)
Running Time: 78 Minutes
NTSC – Anamorphic Widescreen [1.78:1]
Release Date: January 31, 2006
UPC: 654930305195

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From Doris “Queen of Exploitation” Wishman comes LET ME DIE A WOMAN, one of the most jaw-dropping and unclassifiable films ever to ooze forth from the Seventies grindhouse. A stunning sleaze-umentary on the medical condition known as gender dysphoria, this doco-style sleaze-fest includes unabridged interviews with post-ops, bull dykes and drag queens, probing anatomical examinations, and real medical stock footage from an actual sex change operation! It’s enough to make you want to put on an iron jock strap! This first-ever DVD release of Wishman’s trannie tour de force is remastered from the original 35mm negative and restored to its full-color, uncut splendor (including the infamous “”chisel”” sequence deleted from American play prints!). Also included are original theatrical trailers as well as surprising extras from Doris Wishman’s own estate, plus extensive liner notes on the film’s peculiar history written by Wishman biographer Michael Bowen.

See a man turn into a woman right before your eyes! Watch as ambiguously gendered he-shes perform unspeakable sex acts (or at least pretend to)! Probe the secret mysteries of the esoteric transsexual cult! Do you dare to watch? If so, look for cameos by porn icons Harry Reems and Vanessa Del Rio, too!

Special Features
  • Uncut Anamorphic (1.78:1) Widescreen Edition Transferred from the Original Negative
  • Includes the Infamous “Chisel” Sequence, Originally Deleted from the US Version
  • Audio Commentary from Doris Wishman Archivist Michael Bowen and star, Leslie!
  • Rare Alternate Opening Credits Sequence
  • Original Theatrical Trailers and Promotional Spots
  • Radio Spot