42nd Street Forever: Volume 1 [DVD]


REGION: 0 (All Region)
Running Time: 128 Minutes
NTSC – Anamorphic Widescreen [1.78:1]
Release Date: November 15, 2005
UPC: 654930304990

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Over 2 FULL HOURS of fun! A weird, wild and crazy collection of exploitation movie trailer promos from around the world, including:

The Undertaker And His Pals, Flesh And Blood Show, Women And Bloody Terror/Night Of Bloody Horror, I Dismember Mama / Blood Spattered Bride, Corruption, The Butcher Of Binbrook, Ginger, Italian Stallion, Creampuffs, The 3 Dimensions Of Greta, Hard Candy, The Centerfold Girls, Panorama Blue, Wicked Wicked, Teenage Mother, Charlie And The Hooker, Matango, The Green Slime, Destroy All Monsters, The Crippled Master, Werewolves On Wheels, The Pink Angels, The Depraved (Aka Exposed), They Call Her One Eye, Maid In Sweden, Behind Convent Walls, Secret Africa, Shocking Asia, Chappaqua, Welcome Home Brother Charles, The 44 Specialist, The Bullet Machine, Death Drive (Aka Hitch-Hike), The Raiders Of Atlantis, Star Crash, Confessions Of A Summer Camp Counsellor, Sunset Cove, Superfuzz, Death Will Have Your Eyes, Death Has Blue Eyes, A Black Veil For Lisa, Ironmaster, The Deadly Spawn, The Devil’s Nightmare and MORE!

Special Features
  • New 2005 Anamorphic (1.78:1) Transfer Supervised by Synapse Films
  • Over 2 Hours of Exploitation Movie Trailers for Around the World
  • Play All in Sequence, or Select Them Individually